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Nickel Alloy Manufacturer VR Display

May 6, 2020

Latest company case about Nickel Alloy Manufacturer VR Display

During the epidemic, We can't attend the exhibition or visit the factory on the spot. If you are not sure about our strength, you can watch the VR of our factory through the internet. Click: Nickel Alloy Manufacturer Display



In the VR, you can click the name on the device to watch the details video.



Video List:

Bright Annealing Furnace

Eddy Current and Ultrasonic tester

Hydraulic test

Natural Gas Annealing Furnace

Alloy 200/400/600/601/625/800/825/C276/gh3030

Metallographic analysis

C.S. analysis

O.N.H. analysis

High temperature tensile

Low temperature impact

Mechanical test sampling

Metallographic sampling

Room temperature tensile

Spectro Desktop spectrometer

For traceability

MTSCO office

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