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From Eraum manufacturing to Eraum creation

December 17, 2021

Latest company news about From Eraum manufacturing to Eraum creation

Eraum Alloy Won the Nickel Alloy High-tech Pioneer

Mr. Fu, general manager of Eraum, won the title of "Pioneer in the Transformation of High-tech Achievements in Shanghai"


On 14th,Dec., Shanghai Science and technology entrepreneurship center, in cooperation with Dongfang Finance Channel, organized and held the "2021 Shanghai Top 100 Annual Conference on the Transformation of High-tech Achievements".

Leaders from the Municipal Science and technology commissions attended the meeting. Fu Huaqing, general manager of Shanghai Eraum Alloy Materials Co., Ltd., was invited to attend the meeting and won the title of "Pioneer in the Transformation of High-tech Achievements in Shanghai".

The specific products with excellent performance in the transformation of technical achievements are as follows:

Grade Seamless Pipe Heat Exchanger Tube Precision Seamless tube Coiled Tubing /Control Line
Out Diameter
Alloy 600/UNS N06600 13.7mm-508mm
















Alloy 601/UNS N06601 13.7mm-325mm
Alloy 625/UNS N06625 13.7mm-355mm
Alloy 800/800H/800HT 13.7mm-610mm
Alloy 825/UNS N08825 13.7mm-508mm
Alloy C276/UNS N10276 13.7mm-355mm
Alloy 400/UNS N04400 13.7mm-508mm
Alloy 718/UNS N07718 13.7mm-168mm
Alloy 690/UNS N06690 13.7mm-114mm
Alloy 20 /UNS N08020 13.7mm-355mm


This time, President Fu won the title of Pioneer, praised Eraum nickel alloy scientific and technological innovation achievements, and was the collective honor of all scientific research workers. We will live up to expectations and continue to spend 10% of our annual turnover on product R & D.

As the only international trade center of Eraum Alloy, MTSCO will work with Eraum to contribute to the world's industrial equipment manufacturing and serve the world's industry!


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