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Classification Of Welding Technology

June 2, 2022

Latest company news about Classification Of Welding Technology

Directly welded pipes: the use of small size model can avoid stress corrosion, hot cracks and deformation, and the welding current is 20% lower than that of high carbon steel. In order to ensure the ignition of the electric arc, the DC reverse connection is adopted. The short arc welding strategy shall slowly stop the isolation, add charging pits, and finally weld and contact the surface layer of the material.



Arc welding: it is used for arc welding of straight seam steel pipes. It has good maintainability, good welding high temperature performance, good physical properties, aluminum alloy parts are not easy to burn, high connection index, good welding formability, no slag shell, and smooth surface. At present, the manual argon tungsten arc welding market is mainly used for argon arc welding of 0.5~3mm stainless steel plates.


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The composition of the electrode is generally the same as that of the welding part. The industrial production of pure argon is usually used to maintain the vapor. In order to prevent lateral shaking during welding, the speed must be accelerated as much as possible. Argon arc welding can be used for stainless steel plates with a thickness of more than 3mm. The advantages of MIG arc welding are high output rate, small welding heat hazard zone, small welding deformation, good corrosion resistance, and convenient for the actual operation of automation technology.


Gas welding: due to its convenient gas welding and strong cooperation ability, it can be used to weld various indoor space parts. For some direct welded steel pipe components, such as thin plate structure, thin-wall pipe, etc., sometimes gas welding can also be applied under the condition of non corrosion resistance.


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Submerged arc welding: submerged arc welding is applicable to medium level thin, left and right straight seam welded steel pipe plates. Submerged arc welding has high output rate and high cost performance, but it is easy to cause segregation of aluminum alloy elements and residues.

Hand welding: hand welding is a very common and convenient welding process. The arc length is adjusted by everyone, which depends on the gap between the metal electrode and the steel. In addition, when used as an arc carrier, the metal electrode is the raw material for welding.


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