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Do you know the eight common metals?——Copper

February 12, 2020

china latest news about Do you know the eight common metals?——Copper

Copper is an incredible universal metal. It is so closely related to our life. Many of mankind's early tools and weapons were made of copper.


Do you know the eight common metals?——Copper


Copper plays a very important role in modern society: it is widely used in building structures as the carrier of power transmission. In addition, for thousands of years, it has been used as raw materials for making body decorations by people of different cultural backgrounds. From the initial simple decoding transmission to the later key role in complex modern communication applications, this malleable, orange red metal has been accompanied by our development and progress. Copper is a kind of excellent conductor, whose conductivity is second only to silver. From the point of time and history of people using metal materials, copper is the longest used metal for human beings after gold. This is largely due to the fact that the copper mine is easy to mine and the copper industry is relatively easy to separate from the copper mine.


Do you know the eight common metals?——Copper




Material characteristics: good corrosion resistance, excellent heat conduction, conductivity, hardness, flexibility, ductility, unique effect after polishing.

Typical use: wire, engine coil, printed circuit, roofing material, pipe material, heating material, jewelry, cooking utensil. It is also one of the main alloy components for making bronze.

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