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Four Factors Affecting the Metal Tensile Test

March 17, 2021

Latest company news about Four Factors Affecting the Metal Tensile Test

Metal tensile test is one of the simple mechanical property tests. Through tensile test, the most basic mechanical property indexes of elastic deformation, plastic deformation and fracture in the process can be measured, such as positive elastic modulus E, yield strength σ 0.2, yield point σ s, tensile strength σ B, elongation after fracture δ and shrinkage after fracture φ, etc. The index of tensile property is the basic property of material and the main basis of engineering design.


What are the factors that affect the tensile test?


1. Sampling position and test standard identification

The uneven distribution of composition, organization, mechanism, defect processing deformation and so on in the material will lead to material differences, so it should be strictly in accordance with the provisions of the standard (ASTM E8, GB / t228, ASTM A370).


2.Test equipment

The equipment will directly affect the accuracy and authenticity of the result data, so the equipment must be maintained irregularly within the limited period of verification.


latest company news about Four Factors Affecting the Metal Tensile Test  0



The test environment mainly includes the influence of the temperature of the environment and the selection of the clamping apparatus.


4.Test methods

The test methods mainly include the holding method, tensile rate, tensile cross-sectional area and the measurement method of sample size. When selecting the measurement sample, the measuring tools with high precision such as micrometer and vernier caliper should be used.  MTSCO tensile test of stainless steel tube

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