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NPT? NPSC? What do you know about threads?

March 29, 2021

Latest company news about NPT? NPSC? What do you know about threads?

Screw thread refers to the continuous convex part with specific cross-section and spiral shape made on the surface of cylinder or cone. Thread is divided into cylindrical thread and conical thread according to its parent shape; external thread and internal thread according to its position in the parent; triangular thread, rectangular thread, trapezoidal thread, serrated thread and other special shape threads according to its cross-section shape (tooth type).

Among the cylindrical threads, the triangular thread has good self-locking performance. Pipe thread is used for tight connection of pipe fittings. Rectangular thread has high efficiency, but it is often replaced by trapezoidal thread because it is not easy to grind and it is difficult to center the internal and external threads. The working edge of serrated thread is close to rectangular straight edge, which is mostly used to bear one-way axial force. For example, NPSC and BSPP are all cylindrical threads, and their threads are completely parallel.


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Conical thread is triangle in shape, which is mainly used for pipe fitting because of its tight thread pair ensured by tooth deformation.

The casting pipe fittings supplied by MTSCO are mostly NPT and NPSC threads. We usually say the thread angle of 60 ° (NPT, NPSC), 55 ° (BSPT, BSPP), refers to the angle of tooth tip formation. NPT and BSPT are taper threads, which have taper of 1:16. Because of this feature, the raw tape wound on the thread can be more evenly distributed on the thread, which has better sealing performance. At the same time, the iron pipe wall used in taper pipe thread is thicker, which has higher pressure resistance, so this kind of thread is generally used to seal liquid and gas.


MTSCO can supply a large number of 304 / 316 cast pipe fittings, including Elbow, Tee, Union, Hex Bushing, Hose Nipple, Nipple Bush Adapter....... It adopts CNC processing, stranding and tapping technology, with accurate size, beautiful mouth and fast delivery. We can provide free samples for customers , welcome to consult!!


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