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South America - A Journey of Gratitude and Memory

December 14, 2023

Latest company news about South America - A Journey of Gratitude and Memory

In September and October, MTSCO team participated in two industry exhibitions in South America, Argentina oil & Gas Expo 2023 and Wire & Tube 2023 Brazil. Although South America is very far away from China, MTSCO attaches great importance to each market. After 3 years of the impact of the epidemic, as soon as there was an opportunity this year, we immediately made a plan to exhibit and visit customers. From the beginning of September to the end of November, the 3 families of MTSCO, Jose, Deborah and Mark, experienced a thrilling and unforgettable thanksgiving journey.

First of all, it was the Argentina oil & Gas Expo 2023, which was the first time for us to participate in a professional exhibition in Argentina, and we met a lot of new and old customers in the exhibition. We mainly showed our advantageous products, nickel alloy products and coiled tubing to customers. Through more than 10 years' development and upgrading, Mtsco's two categories of products can meet the requirements of more oilfield service, natural gas and chemical industries. Through this opportunity, we also push these two types of products deeper into the local market, looking for more high-end customer groups.

mtsco aog 2023.jpg


At the exhibition, many customers from the petrochemical industry showed great interest in us, and we became the most lively Chinese exhibitor! However, our Joses passport was accidentally lost during the exhibition, and although we sought help from all parties, we still had to face the end of returning home early. We sought help from all sides, we still had to go back to China earlier than planned. Deborah has to embarked on the journey to South America alone. Although she is just a small lady, she visited dozens of customers in Chile, Peru and Brazil with the determination to solve the procurement problems for customers.

At the beginning of October, our other family Mark and Deborah met up and participated in the Wire & Tube 2023 Brazil. As MTSCO's new products, wire and welding wire are gaining momentum, and we met a lot of interested customers at the exhibition, looking forward to a long-term cooperation in the future.

mtsco south america.jpg


Besides attending two exhibitions, we visited dozens of companies in Colombia, Brazil, Mexico and other countries. Some of them are old customers who have been cooperating with us for a long time, and we brought them the latest purchasing solutions, solutions to technical problems, and the latest progress of after-sales situation. We also met a lot of "new friends" who have been in contact with us, and brought them the most intuitive advantages of MTSCO.

Even though the distance was far and the journey was difficult, we had disappointment and doubt, but soon we changed our mindset and faced everything with optimism and peace. As long as the customers need, MTSCO Team will break through the obstacles, to the customers, to bring you quality products.

mtsco south america2.jpg


During the two-month visit, we met too many people who helped us, Chinese friends, old and new customers, and even strangers, which made even a solo journey become warm and convenient. Once again, we would like to thank all the people who helped MTSCO during our trip to South America, our sincere heart made us cross millions of miles, and we are looking forward to meeting again in the future!

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